About the trademark

is our trademark and stamp of quality – the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship and wood processing at the SANING wood processing group, based in Kranj, on the sunny side of the Alps.

Our mission is to skilfully and sympathetically process a range of indigenous mountain, alpine and subalpine species of trees whose structure and composition tell the story of stormy summers and cold winters
which make the wood exceptionally sturdy, durable and hard-wearing.

With our long tradition and uncompromising commitment to precision design we transform premium quality wood into the perfect underfoot surface – to create a range of solid wood and rustic floors,
all of the highest quality.

Standard within our range are products manufactured from the following indigenous wood species:

  • Subalpine oak
  • Mountain maple
  • Subalpine ash
  • Alpine larch
  • Subalpine red pine

We also offer custom-made wooden flooring manufactured from any wood of your choice available of the global market.

We protect, enhance and enrich our wooden flooring with a range of natural and environmentally-friendly finishes: oil, oil and stain combination, natural wax, a combination of oil and wax as well as varnish.

Treatments: natural grinding, brushed, sandblasted, rustic, historic, smoked, aged, hand treatment, with chamfered edge,…

New buildings and renovations

  • modern and traditional living accommodation
  • business facilities
  • public buildings, school buildings, museums...

Restoration and reconstruction projects

  • historical buildings
  • cultural heritage
  • listed buildings

NEW! WoodFlex®

Ultra-thin wooden flooring

The only sufficiently thin wooden flooring solution to allow trouble-free replacement of outdated PVC, linoleum or textile coverings.